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Warm & welcoming


Santa Maria is home to thriving industries including aerospace, communications, high-tech research and development, energy production, military operations and manufacturing.

Our residents enjoy world-class wineries, a vibrant cultural scene, top-tier rodeo, rolling hills and 12 miles of Pacific coastline with the state’s tallest beach dunes, smog-free air and mild temperatures year-round.

Unmatched affordability

Santa Maria offers the most affordable real estate along the California coastline, with prices that make development and homeownership attainable.

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Growing community

The city’s population and services have grown steadily over the last 20 years, offering a large, strong and hardworking labor force supported by several higher education opportunities.

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Development opportunities

Santa Maria prides itself on being business friendly, helping businesses succeed and welcoming new jobs, homes and development in our community.

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Economic Development Director
Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce
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