June 3

The Future of Space on the Central Coast

New progress, plans and players in the spaceport master plan.

The MOU collaborators have been hard at work since their August launch and came together to share successes and unveil the next phase in the joint mission to create a thriving space ecosystem on the Central Coast.

A discussion with panelists from space companies expanding their presence on the Central Coast dove further into the region’s potential to become a leader in the private enterprise-driven 21st century Space Race.

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May 19

Central Coast Road to Recovery

New data. New insight. New opportunities.

This event unveiled a coordinated portfolio of research on COVID-19’s impacts on the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County economies, highlighted emerging pathways to recovery and featured an expert view on fueling a Central Coast rebound.

Speakers include: The New Localism Co-founder/Author Bruce Katz, BW Research President/Principal Researcher Josh Williams, SLO County Board of Supervisors Chair Lynn Compton and Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors Chair Bob Nelson.

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Diablo Canyon partnership logos

March 5

The Future of Diablo Canyon | A New Partnership

Leaders from federal, state and county government, Cal Poly, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, the yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini Northern Chumash and the Tri-Counties Building and Construction Trades Council announced a new partnership under the coordination of REACH to pursue future use opportunities at Diablo Canyon.

The partnership is uniting around a shared vision of job creation and clean energy innovation at the 600-acre Parcel P while honoring the complementary effort to preserve the unique natural resources and cultural heritage of the surrounding 12,000 acres of Diablo Lands.

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August 5

Launching a new chapter | Space @ Vandenberg

A deep dive into the region’s opportunity to become a global player in the fast-growing commercial space industry, including an announcement of a landmark new agreement between REACH, the 30th Space Wing, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), Cal Poly and Deloitte to develop a shared vision for establishing a thriving spaceport at the base.

The agreement marks a key step in the REACH 2030 initiative to boost the commercial space industry across the region, drive future-oriented investment and job creation and bolster the resilience of the Central Coast economy.

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collage of reach photos

July 9

Introducing REACH 2030

15,000 NEW GOOD-PAYING JOBS BY 2030 — That’s the bold goal announced at the July 9 launch of REACH 2030, which also laid out the specific priorities and initiatives for getting there.

In the works for more than a year, REACH 2030 aims to foster job growth in high-wage industries, break down barriers to job growth, align education and workforce opportunities, transform Diablo Canyon and create a thriving commercial space hub at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

“The last year has been a sprint to develop the vision, plan and partnerships to make a lasting impact on our region,” REACH CEO Melissa James said. “Now the marathon of building a better future for all of us begins.”

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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

June 29


A dive into state efforts to support business, developing trends that may affect our local air service and the rising case load in the region.

  • Kaina Pereira, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) Senior Advisor for Business Development and International Trade, on support for Central Coast businesses
  • Jack Penning, Volaire Aviation Consulting Managing Partner, on how airlines trends may impact regional airports and summer travel
  • Sue Andersen, Marian Regional Medical Center President/CEO, on healthcare capacity and what she is seeing among affected residents
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

June 22


A focus on understanding the activity and developing trends of our state and local real estate markets, which are critical indicators of individual, business and consumer behavior and economic activity.

  • Leslie Appleton Young, California Association of Realtors Senior Vice President and Chief Economist on what is happening in the residential real estate markets in the state and closer to home and her projections of what may be ahead.
  • Mark Schniepp, California Economic Forecast Director, on what is underway in the commercial real estate markets and his perspective on developing trends in the retail and office markets.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

June 15


Leading voices on the state budget, what it means for California’s economic recovery and our region’s legislative priorities, as well as future business trends from Silicon Valley that could impact the Central Coast.

  • John Myers, L.A. Times Sacramento Bureau Chief, on state budget negotiations
  • Lucy Dunn, Orange County Business Council President/CEO and on the REAL Coalition’s legislative priorities of transportation and affordable housing investment and what it means for economic recovery
  • Carl Guardino, Silicon Valley Leadership Group President/CEO, on insights out of Silicon Valley and future business trends
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

June 8


A check-in on the design process to resume safe supervision and in-class education of children is underway as parents begin going back into the workplace.

  • Dr. Penny Borenstein, SLO County Public Health Officer, on the decision-making process for school reopening.
  • Margo Byrne, Channel Islands YMCA CEO, on how childcare providers are adapting and what the fall may look like.
  • Eric Prater, San Luis Coastal School Unified District Superintendent, and Luke Ontiveros, Santa Maria- Bonita School District Superintendent, on what school may look like when it reopens, planning efforts underway and staffing considerations that public school systems are grappling with when reopening.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

June 1


A longer-term discussion of economic recovery and how we work to collectively reimagine our possibilities and build a better, more resilient future.

  • Peter Rupert, economist and UCSB Economic Forecast Project Director, on the economic outlook for our region as it begins to reopen.
  • Avi Schwartz, Deloitte US Government & Public Sector Infrastructure & Capital Projects Leader, and Steve Hamilton, Deloitte California Infrastructure Lead, on the opportunities and challenges for infrastructure in a post-COVID environment and how our region can be best positioned for impact.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

May 18


Key community leaders on how the pandemic is affecting their industry as well as their planning efforts related to reopening.

  • Jeff Armstrong, Cal Poly President, on the CSU announcement this past week, the financial impacts the university is experiencing and how it’s planning for fall quarter during such uncertain times.
  • Ian Parkinson, SLO County Sheriff, on the public safety impacts of the pandemic, the approach towards enforcement locally and what he’s hearing statewide.
  • Nancy Anderson, Santa Barbara County Assistant CEO, on the RISE Guide, which lays out specific guidelines and best practices for local businesses and organizations to reopen safely.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

May 11

Townhall | Reopening California

Focusing on the intersection of the state and local government in reopening our communities and economy.

  • John Myers, L.A. Times Sacremento Bureau Chief, on the state’s reopening rollout and how the largest budget deficit in history is shaping up.
  • John Peschong, SLO County District 1 Supervisor, on how SLO County is responding to unfolding state guidance.
  • Steve Lavagnino, Santa Barbara County 5th District Supervisor, on Santa Barbara County’s reopening efforts.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

May 4

Townhall | Reopening and Beyond

What’s ahead in the federal response as well as details on the state and local efforts to reopen the economy.

  • Salud Carbajal, U.S. Congressman, on what’s being discussed for further federal government response.
  • Micah Weinberg, California Forward CEO, on the Governor’s Roadmap to Recovery and how CA Forward is working with the State and regions on economic recovery.
  • Dr. Trees Ritter, infectious disease specialist, on his experience as a medical expert involved in both SLO and Santa Barbara County reopening efforts.
  • Mona Miyasoto and Wade Horton, Santa Barbara and SLO County top administrators, on their county reopening efforts.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

April 27

Townhall | What’s Ahead for Reopening

A focus on the stakeholder process in San Luis Obispo County to reopen commerce and similar efforts getting started in Santa Barbara County.

  • Gregg Hart, Santa Barbara County 2nd District Supervisor and Board Chairm, on steps being taken to plan for reopening.
  • Dr. Penny Borenstein, SLO County Public Health Director, on the process for decision-making on the Phased Roadmap for Reopening as well as statewide context.
  • Chuck Davison, Visit SLO CAL CEO, and Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY CEO, on observations from the stakeholder process and key considerations for their industries as they move forward.
  • Wade Horton, SLO County Emergency Services Director, on next steps in reopening planning.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

April 20

Townhall | Planning for Reopening

A dive into the specific planning effort underway in San Luis Obispo County.

  • Wade Horton, SLO County Emergency Services Director, on the updated shelter order and the priorities of the county in community and commerce reopening.
  • Aydin Nazmi, chair of the medical panel for the SLO County COVID-19 Reopening Project Plan, on the role of the panel and how SLO-specific guidelines are being developed.
  • Nick Tompkins, NKT Commercial owner and REACH Founder, on the role of private sector input as reopening plans take shape.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

April 13

Townhall | A Discussion About Community Reopening

What state, local and healthcare leaders are grappling with as they consider how and when to reopen our community and commerce.

  • Bill Monning, 17th District California State Senator, on health and economic recovery ahead and state budget implications.
  • Wade Horton, SLO County Emergency Services Director, on county efforts to design a roadmap to community reopening.
  • Dr. Penny Borenstein, SLO County Director of Public Health, on key considerations and health milestones in community reopening.
  • Kris Yetter, Promega Biosciences President, on the progress and trajectory of Covid-19 testing.
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

April 6


Rick Stollmeyer, Co-founder/CEO MINDBODY, facilitates a conversation with Chris Thornburg, Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, on the COVID-19 economic impacts and outlook.

Beacon Economics recently issued the Spring 2020 Forecast written by Thornburg, which called the virus the greatest threat to the nation’s economic expansion in more than a decade, with the next two weeks crucial in getting an understanding of how far-ranging the effects will be. But the report said it was too soon to say a lengthy recession or depression was inevitable.


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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

March 30

Townhall | Needs, Challenges, Opportunities

Digging into the needs, challenges and opportunities re: COVID-19 crisis on a national, state and local level.

  • Mike Byrne, Deloitte Specialist Executive, on his work supporting the state of New York with their response to COVID.
  • Salud Carbajal, United States Congressman, 24th District
  • Jordan Cunningham, California State Assemblyman, 35th District
  • Sue Andersen, CEO, Marian Medical Center, REACH Board
  • Wade Horton, CAO, Emergency Services Director, San Luis Obispo County
  • Rick Stollmeyer, CEO MINDBODY, REACH Founders Circle
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placeholder for regional townhall meeting

March 23

Townhall | Federal, State and County Leaders on COVID-19

Information and action being taken to combat the COVID-19 crisis on a national, state and local level.

  • Salud Carbajal, United States Congressman, 24th District
  • Jordan Cunningham, California State Assemblyman, 35th District
  • Kaina Pereira, Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
  • Andrew Hackleman, VP of REACH
  • Wade Horton, CAO, Emergency Services Director, San Luis Obispo County
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