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Investors are the lifeblood of our work, supporting our mission and leading strategic decision-making and action.
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Transforming Potential into Progress

Collaboration is the cornerstone of REACH’s work to help current and future generations thrive on the Central Coast. When business leaders and other stakeholders come together to confront challenges, share ideas and align resources, we are able to identify solutions that are informed, consider the region’s best interests and accomplish more than any one community or business could individually.

By leveraging our collective strengths, world-class assets and combined political power, we can grow more good-paying jobs and create a bigger economic pie to help everyone to do better.

“Now is the time to be bold, accelerate progress, and unleash our genuine strength. We can achieve greatness by having our job creators united and reaching for future opportunities together.”

— Melissa James, CEO of REACH

Two investor levels help us harness a range of business leadership while remaining nimble and action-oriented.

REACH Council

The REACH Council is the meeting place for the regional leaders who care most about economic action. The Council meets up to six times a year to drive the REACH 2030 plan. Their focus is on designing and shaping the game-changing tactics to further the regional initiatives outlined for job creation.

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Founders Circle

The Founders Circle engages the region’s top-level executives in providing strategic thought leadership on major issues facing the region and our key employers and guiding REACH’s role in tackling those issues. The Founders Circle meets three to four times per year in an intimate setting where executives can speak in confidence, ask tough questions and tap into collective knowledge and experience.

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