Engagement Bodies

The charge of REACH is to drive action and economic planning across industry sectors, county lines and political aisles.

With regional collaboration key to success, we work with a large and diverse network of private-sector leaders, civic organizations, and government and education partners across a number of engagement bodies in pursuing our initiatives.



Not only have our challenges proven larger than any one community can solve, neighboring jurisdictions all too often wind up competing with each other for a bigger slice of the pie.

By leveraging our collective strengths, world-class assets and combined political power, we can create a bigger economic pie and help everyone do better.

In today’s global economy, this collaborative approach is paramount because competition for jobs, investment and tax revenue is not just down the road but across the world. A single community rarely has the workers, transportation, housing and amenities to compete on its own. Banded together, however, we have the ingredients for a more resilient and prosperous economy.

A group of people taking notes during a presentation overlayed on top of a photo of Montana de Oro State Park