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Queen of the Coast


Santa Barbara is world-renowned for its natural beauty, history, climate, architecture, and quality of life. A number of higher education institutions located here produces a creative and diverse workforce that supports a wide array of industries including aerospace, defense, healthcare, and technology. The city embodies the friendliness of a small town, with the art, culture, and amenities of a large metropolitan city, and serves as a majestic gateway to California’s central and southern coasts.

sunset arial view of Santa Barbara

Sustainable city

Santa Barbara is committed to maintaining a sustainable, healthy, and safe community by reducing the City’s carbon footprint, managing materials use, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and building local climate resilience. As the birthplace of Earth Day and the modern environmental movement, the community is committed to becoming a fully sustainable city.

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Unmatched quality of life

Known for its natural beauty, Mediterranean climate, architecture, and rich history, locals will also highlight the abundance of outdoor activities, quality education, cultural events, and culinary options. Unique walkable neighborhoods, highly engaged civic participation and a zeal for gracious living make for an unmatched quality of life.

man jumping between boulders in Santa Barbara

Boundless opportunities

As a world-renowned visitor destination, the hospitality industry makes up a large part of the economy. In addition, there is an increasing number of technology-based, start-up companies growing their businesses and a budding entrepreneurial scene in a dynamic local economy that offers boundless opportunities.

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