Launching A Global Space Hub

A new Space Age fueled by commercial enterprise is taking off and the Central Coast is a prime launchpad.

Home to the world’s second-busiest spaceport at Vandenberg Space Force Base and a robust ecosystem driving space innovation, the Central Coast is emerging as a hub of national security and commercial space operations. We are collaborating widely to boost public and private investment in reaching the region’s potential as a thriving, competitive frontier in the 21st-century space race.

Stars aligning around Vandenberg SFB

Robust collaboration at the regional, state and federal level is fueling significant advances in spaceport development, public and private investment, and the housing and workforce needed to support expansion.

Underpinning this collaboration is a commercial space master plan developed through an active regional partnership under REACH coordination.


busiest spaceport globally


annual launches by 2026


companies working to launch from VSFB

Key Milestones

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023


A giant leap for commercial space on the Central Coast

REACH, Vandenberg’s 30th Space Wing (now Space Launch Delta 30), the State, Cal Poly and Deloitte come together under an agreement to advance national security and commercial space operations and innovation in the region.

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A SpaceX rocket launches at dusk in June 2024

Santa Barbara County joins partnership

County supervisors unanimously agree to sign on to the regional partnership working to develop a thriving commercial space industry at Vandenberg Space Force Base and the surrounding area.

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Space master plan paves way for progress

Over 50 pages, the plan lays out three main goals: attracting space industry companies to the Central Coast, modernizing and investing in infrastructure, and strengthening the region’s space identity.

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screenshot of cover for the report: Building a Thriving Space Enterprise on the Central Coast of California

State amplifies space leadership

California launches a new task force to drive space industry expansion and spur workforce development and infrastructure investment — a key recommendation of the Space Master Plan.

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Gov. Newsom visits Astra

Partnership expands to cities, higher education

Lompoc, Santa Maria, UC Santa Barbara, Allan Hancock College and Cuesta College join the regional partnership to bring collaboration on housing, workforce and innovation in support of growing operations at and around Vandenberg.

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A rocket streaks against a blue sky with a long pink trail

VSFB Fast Facts

A multi-billion dollar impact

Vandenberg powered 16,000 jobs and an annual economic impact of $4.5 billion in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties in 2020 — numbers projected to grow to nearly 18,000 and $6+ billion by 2030 as the base’s national security and commercial mission expands.

illustration of the economic impact of the base

Pioneering space since 1958

  • World’s first polar orbiting satellite, launched in 1959
  • World’s first Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) launched in 1978
  • World’s first commercial spaceport, started operations in 1996
  • Nation’s first tactically responsive launch mission after record 21-day call up in 2021
  • World’s first-ever planetary defense mission, in 2021




launch facilities + complexes


longest runway in the DoD @15,000 ft

Space Launch Delta 30 emblem

Units based at VSFB


  • Space Launch Delta 30
    formerly 30th Space Wing
  • Space Delta 1
    formerly 381st Training Group
  • 576th Flight Test Squadron
    nation’s only dedicated ICBM test squadron
  • 18th Space Defense Squadron
    tracks satellites and debris to prevent collisions
  • Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) / Space Delta 5 / Combined Force Space Component Command
    U.S.–led multinational command and control center for domestic and international Joint/Coalition missions
Illustration of rockets

Commercial engagements

  • Space X Falcon and Falcon Heavy
  • ULA Delta IV, Delta IV Heavy, Atlas V + Vulcan
  • Northrop Grumman Minotaur I + IV + Pegasus XL
  • Firefly Alpha + Beta
  • Blue Origin New Glenn
  • Relativity Terran 1 + 2
  • Rocket Lab Electron
  • ABL Space Systems
  • Astra Rocket 1
  • Spin Launch
  • Phantom Space