We are reach

A Regional Economic Action Coalition uniting public, private and civic leaders across the Central Coast of California

Our goal is to transform the quality of life on the Central Coast through an unprecedented regional pursuit of inclusive economic prosperity.

Our Mission

To increase economic prosperity through big thinking, bold action and regional collaboration.


Our Vision

The Central Coast will be a place where current and future generations have the opportunity to thrive.

REACH launched to unite the private sector across the region, break down barriers to greater economic prosperity, and chart a path for collective success.


REACH embodies a spirit of regionalism that is essential to creating a more prosperous, inclusive economy. Our private sector-led coalition partners with public, private, civic and educational institutions across the Central Coast — a region of about 700,000 people in dozens of cities and towns in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

What We Do

Data + Research

REACH is a data-driven, results-oriented organization. We develop rigorous, nonpartisan, and evidence-based research to inform the design and implementation of our economic development efforts.

Projects + Initiatives

We bring people to the table and serve as an honest broker to spur action and drive economic initiatives at a regional level. Our projects and initiatives are ambitious and designed to reap measurable benefits for the region.

Economic Development

We lead economic development activities to promote and attract businesses to the region. We convene economic practitioners to coordinate efforts collectively and with state and federal partners. We showcase the world-class assets of the Central Coast and target high-wage jobs and regional diversification.


REACH provides assistance to businesses and governments to make evidence-based policy decisions. When warranted, REACH combines research and policy work to advance state and federal advocacy. We design innovative policy solutions, build coalitions, and help diverse stakeholders find common ground.

Our Guiding Principles

Consistent with our regional spirit, our work is guided by a triple-bottom-line approach, balancing social, economic and environmental sustainability.


People First
We commit to creating an inclusive economy that raises the standard of living for all.


Economic Resilience
We aim to foster an economy that is diverse, sustainable and not over-reliant on any one sector.


The Long Game
We take the long view, working to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to live, work and thrive here.


Environmental Stewardship
We treasure our natural resources and commit to embedding a sustainability mindset in our systems and decisions.


Rise Together
We rise above competing interests and embrace collaboration in order to create greater economic prosperity for all.

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