REACH advocated for Vandenberg as U.S. Space Command HQ

REACH advocated for Vandenberg Air Force Base to become an official candidate to host the permanent headquarters of the U.S. Space Command last week. A REACH-led coalition of 16 SLO and Santa Barbara County business and education organizations joined voices from around the state in endorsing the base’s selection. 

The advocacy is part of REACH’s larger initiative to grow commercial space activity at the base and surrounding range. Selection of Vandenberg as Space Command headquarters would bolster efforts to attract commercial enterprises and jobs to the region. 

“These are the jobs of the future: high-paying careers in advanced manufacturing and STEM-related fields, and being home to the Space Command would further our efforts to establish a thriving spaceport at Vandenberg,” REACH VP Andrew Hackleman said.

Read the news release and the coalition letter of support about how REACH advocated for Vandenberg to host the official headquarters.

The letter joins an earlier one penned in June 2019.