Offshore Wind

The Central Coast is poised to play a leading role in the development of offshore wind energy on the West Coast.


The federal government has earmarked a 376-square mile area off Northern San Luis Obispo County for development of a 3 gigawatt wind farm.

The area has excellent connectivity to the energy grid, with transmission lines at Diablo Canyon and Morro Bay. But additional infrastructure is needed to realize potentially substantial economic benefits.

REACH and several partners are working to ensure the region reaches its economic goals while helping the state and nation meet clean energy goals.

With the infrastructure to support wind turbine assembly and maintenance jobs, a 3 gigawatt wind farm off the Central Coast could produce:


annual economic impact


long-term jobs at clean energy port


5-year port construction jobs


port construction economic impact

offshore wind

The 411 on bidding credits

BOEM has proposed two types of bidding credits for the upcoming auction, which could have important implications for the Central Coast community and wider statewide offshore wind planning efforts.

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BOEM CA Offshore Wind Call Area

Get the latest from BOEM

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is gearing up for a late 2022 auction for three leases to develop wind farms across 376 square miles in federal waters northwest of Morro Bay.

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Offshore wind turbine

Exploring potential infrastructure

REACH has launched a study examining opportunities to support offshore wind development and create new jobs by enhancing or adding to the region’s waterfront infrastructure.

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