Influence the Transformation of Diablo Canyon

Planning for the next chapter of Diablo Canyon Power Plant presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That opportunity? To transform the existing facilities and infrastructure – plus 12,000 acres of pristine land and 14 miles of unspoiled coastline – into an attractive mix of conservation, sustainable eco-tourism, renewable energy, water resilience and cutting-edge research and development. We must seize this brief window to transform the loss of 1,500 high-wage jobs and 1,900 contractor jobs into a catalyst for economic opportunity.

We must also ensure that the massive decommissioning project proceeds with maximum safety and efficiency, prioritizing the use of local labor and businesses while honoring the legacy of the yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini Northern Chumash. With decisions being made now and into the near future, we must work urgently and collaboratively to pursue the best long-term interests for the region and the state.


Where the Diablo Canyon Power Plant sits, we see a future hub of clean energy innovation with Cal Poly as the lead. Diablo Canyon’s 585-acre unique industrial area offers unrivaled energy assets for pioneering the next chapter of our state and nation’s energy independence and resilience

Clean Tech Innovation Park Concept Diagram

Conservation and innovation plans presented to state

REACH joined three partners in releasing a detailed plan to permanently protect Diablo Canyon Lands and invest in clean tech innovation under Cal Poly leadershi.

Map show Diablo Canyon parcels and economic development assets
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A wide-ranging partnership — representing government, higher education, business, labor, tribal and environmental groups — came together in 2021 to advance the community’s interests through decommissioning and planning Diablo’s next chapter of innovation and conservation.

Logos for the 9 partners in the Diablo Canyon MOU