A world-class clean tech innovation park under the banner of Cal Poly

Map for Parcel P Clean Tech Innovation Park Concept

That’s the collective vision of local, state and federal government leaders, labor, business and environmental groups for Diablo Canyon’s next chapter.

This broad coalition is advancing the vision through an open letter to Central Coast residents, clean energy champions and innovators and anyone interested in an abundant, sustainable energy future.

Here are the highlights.


A clean energy research and development campus

A place where industry and academia can hatch and collaborate on emerging renewable technologies, with a harbor for blue economy activity, a community center for Chumash heritage education and celebration, and a critical platform for enabling California to harness the wind energy right off our coast.


Cal Poly, with public and private partnerships

Cal Poly — a Learn by Doing powerhouse and trusted community partner with access to an extensive network of resources and long history of stewardship — is uniquely positioned to catalyze this vision and has stepped up to carry it forward.


Unrivaled energy assets and good-paying jobs

Diablo Canyon’s industrial site offers unrivaled energy assets, including high-power transmission lines, ocean access and extensive existing facilities, while the region is home to a substantial skilled energy workforce and innovative solar, battery and other clean energy projects. Combined, we have all the elements for a climate-change innovation hub that supports good-paying, future-oriented jobs for our skilled workforce.


After the plant closes, with planning needed now

As of now, the first reactor will shut down in 2024, with the second stopping in 2025. Gov. Newsom opened the door last week to extending the closure, but it’s unclear whether that will happen. What he did make clear is that any extension would be short-term only.

Our community must press forward with planning for a future without Diablo Canyon. Now is the time to seek the long-term partnerships and investments needed to ensure the site remains the region’s largest economic asset.


The industrial Parcel P site

This vision encompasses Parcel P, the plant’s 585-acre industrial site — just a fraction of the more than 12,000 surrounding acres of pristine land and 14 miles of undeveloped coastline between Montaña de Oro State Park and Avila Beach. We support the complementary efforts being undertaken by a collection of stakeholders to determine the best path for conserving the unique natural resources and cultural heritage of this remarkable piece of land.


Extensive community engagement

A thorough process engaging a broad spectrum of community participants and top experts from around the country led to the consensus around this vision.

Go to reachcentralcoast.org/diablo-vision to find:

  • The full letter and list of signatories
  • Details about the process
  • Inspirational models
  • What people are saying
  • A form to join champions of the vision