A Glance Back at 2021

Here at REACH, we’ve come a long way since launching as Hourglass Project in 2019, thanks to the support and partnership of many, many people, businesses and organizations across our community. But we’re still young and hitting many “firsts,” so to close out the year, here’s a quick look at a few of our 2021 milestones.


+ Secured our first federal grant which will match local dollars to fuel job growth in our target industries.

+ Launched our first multi-region partnership to advance space + aeronautics from Santa Cruz to Ventura.

+ Released our first series of economic impact reports examining offshore wind, Vandenberg and Covid-19.

+ Celebrated the first anniversary of REACH 2030 (also our first IRL event!).

+ And put out our first Annual Report where you can dive deeper in what we accomplished in that first year.


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